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In the State of Ohio, there are two legal processes available to end a marriage — divorce and dissolution. The difference between the two is:  In a dissolution, you and your spouse agree upon all issues surrounding the termination of your marriage. The agreement is then written up by an attorney, signed by both parties and filed with the Court. It is necessary for both parties to attend court one time. If any issue cannot be agreed upon, you cannot proceed forward with a dissolution.

By comparison, a divorce action is an adversarial proceeding in which the court will make decisions on the issues in which the parties cannot agree.

Often times, dissolutions tend to be less expensive and less emotionally charged than divorces. Still, both processes require a certain skill to be carried out properly. At my firm, I handle each divorce or dissolution with professionalism and emotional intelligence. Whether the client is seeking a divorce or trying to amicably dissolve their marriage, I can help them achieve their individual goal. 

I am sure you have likely heard horror stories about the divorce process, but I want you to know that not every divorce has to turn into a battle royale. I treat all family law matters with respect, understanding, and above all, a level-headed approach with the client’s best interest in mind. 

If you are looking to end your marriage, or simply want to discuss your options, please contact me at (513) 522-5800. I am sure we can schedule an appointment fairly quickly.

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Post-Decree Motions

Often times after a divorce or dissolution has been finalized, one of the parties may find it necessary to return to court in order to enforce the court’s previous order or to have it modified. The most common example of post-decree motions would be for contempt of the court’s previous order or a motion to modify their current parenting schedule. 

If you are thinking of filing a post-decree motion, I encourage you to give our office a call at (513) 522-5800 so that I may assist you in your post-decree litigation process.

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If you are contemplating a marital separation, looking for assistance with a child custody matter, or ready to legally adjust an arrangement with your ex-spouse, please don’t hesitate to call. I have been advocating for others in your position for well over 28 years, and it would be my privilege to do the same for you.